If you’re a maintenance manager or an administrator at a hospital, part of your job is to figure out how to do more with less. Your equipment, facilities and vehicles are getting older and more in need of care every day. Our hospital maintenance software helps you schedule tasks, keep track of past work, and improve communication between the maintenance team and other departments.

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Benefits of using hospital maintenance software

Using Fiix’s maintenance software for hospital maintenance can help improve efficiency at your facility by allowing you to:

  • Organize and view your point of care systems, assets and facilities in an intuitive hierarchy
  • Easily access work order history for any asset
  • Assign maintenance managers to specific buildings, systems, machines, and assets
  • Schedule recurring maintenance tasks and receive alerts about upcoming work orders
  • Receive digital work requests from staff at your healthcare facility
  • Have machines and equipment at all your facilities and automatically trigger work orders based on usage
  • Understand your spare parts inventory to make sure you always have what you need on hand

Why use our maintenance software?

Easy-to-use and fully customizable

Factory equipment maintenance software has been unnecessarily complicated for far to long. We decided to put an end to that. Our equipment maintenance software combines ease-of-use with enterprise functionality. The software is fully loaded with features, but is also intuitive and customizable. The result is equipment maintenance software that makes your job easier while driving productivity and improving efficiency. It takes less time to learn and comes with embedded instructional videos so you’re never more than a click away from support if you get stuck.

Synced with today’s mobile world

Fiix’s equipment maintenance app truly allows you to be on-the-go with your maintenance operations. Our mobile app, available on iPhone and Android, makes everything you need to get the job done just a tap away, including work order notifications, asset lists, QR code scanning and more. Features like offline mode and easier work order management put everything you need at your fingertips—wherever work takes you. That means anytime, anywhere access to machine maintenance software on any mobile device, so you can work without limitations.

Up and running in minutes with cloud maintenance software

The cloud is a breath of fresh air from outdated, complicated, and expensive equipment maintenance software. A cloud solution lets you run machine maintenance and asset management software securely over the internet without having to buy, install or manage any hardware. Just open your browser or our equipment maintenance app, log in, and start using your factory maintenance software immediately. There are no complicated, costly upgrades to worry about either. We provide automatic, free upgrades, so your machine maintenance software is always up to date and requires no work on your part.

A flexible subscription model

When it comes to our pricing, what you see is what you actually pay. There are no hidden fees and no surprises. Our subscription-based model provides plenty of flexibility for businesses of any size, including the ability to add or remove users whenever you want and the power to instantly access enterprise-grade maintenance software anytime, anywhere from the cloud. No matter what your organization’s goals are, our pricing structure gives you the room to achieve them, and then some.

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