Industrial Maintenance Management Solutions

A maintenance management system for any industry

Manufacturing maintenance

Downtime in manufacturing costs time and resources. Our industrial maintenance management software helps you schedule, organize, and track maintenance in your facility, and automates everyday tasks so you can focus on the jobs that really matter.

Mining maintenance

In mining, real-time, actionable information is key. A CMMS keeps you up-to-date on the status of assets, to establish preventive maintenance priorities on critical systems.

Power plant maintenance

Our CMMS helps power plants meet professional maintenance regulations and benchmarks for safety, power output, and efficiency, while helping to keep costs low, and prolonging the life of your power generation assets.

Food industry maintenance

Our easy-to-use software helps ensure that your team gets their preventive maintenance done on time. Preventive maintenance equals less line shutdowns for maintenance emergencies, and less product scrap.

Public Transport Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential, and subject to extreme scrutiny in the transportation sector. Maintenance software is a must for anyone working in public transport, so that all assets and vehicles are in top operating condition at all times.

Fleet maintenance

Transportation and warehousing companies worldwide use our CMMS for fleet maintenance to control costs, proactively avoid vehicle breakdowns, extend asset lifespan, increase vehicle availability, and improve the safety of their fleets.

Church maintenance

Any member of your church staff can use our intuitive CMMS to comply with safety standards, keep costs low, and prolong the life of older assets. Switching to a CMMS to manage maintenance at your facility saves you time, hassle, and money.

Regulatory compliance maintenance

When it comes to meeting regulatory compliance standards—be they environmental, food quality, or OH&S—there’s no room for error. Our CMMS helps ensure that maintenance standards are followed by establishing procedures and checklists for all maintenance activities.

Data centre maintenance

Our data centre maintenance software will improve productivity and efficiency while reducing the cost of running systems, servers, and power supplies in your facility.

Hospital and healthcare facility maintenance

As a maintenance manager or hospital administrator, you have to make sure resources are always available when needed. Our CMMS helps schedule tasks, keep track of work, and boost communication between technicians and other staff, to keep your hospital running smoothly.

University maintenance

Managing facility maintenance at higher education institutions demands organization, accountability, and reliability. Our CMMS offers multi-site functionality, to help you manage affiliate sites abroad, buildings on campus, outdoor fields, and everything in between.

Research laboratory maintenance

Keeping your lab equipment maintained is essential to the success of your research. A CMMS provides an easy, cost-effective way to record all the data you need to satisfy the requirements of your university, government regulators, and quality management auditors.

Farming and agribusiness maintenance

As a farmer, your maintenance goals are straightforward: Save money on overhead and avoid equipment breakdowns during the busy season. Our farm maintenance software helps you do exactly that by scheduling all your maintenance tasks so work gets done, and equipment lasts longer.

School maintenance

Whether you’re a private institute or a member of the public school board, good maintenance is essential for making sure the equipment, grounds, and technology at your school runs smoothly. A CMMS can help you get organized, stay on top of all your maintenance.

Gym maintenance

While your members are taking care of themselves, who’s taking care of the equipment? Whether you’re managing one or 100 gyms, our CMMS will help your facility look great, operate smoothly, and keep your equipment in top shape.

Theme park maintenance

From large theme parks and zoos to animal parks and playgrounds, your facility is at the mercy of the great outdoors. This environment comes with its own special maintenance challenges. Fiix is the tool you need to organize, schedule and track of all your amusement park maintenance.

City maintenance

Managing municipal maintenance operations can be challenging without the right tools. Using Fiix to establish a preventive maintenance strategy will help increase the life of your assets, track the cost of your maintenance, predict and prevent equipment failures, improve labor productivity, and reduce expensive equipment downtimes.

Industrial maintenance

Plant safety and worker health should not be left to chance. Our industrial maintenance software helps industrial health and safety professionals ensure that maintenance standards for grounds, facilities, and equipment are established and followed.

Wastewater treatment plant maintenance

Our wastewater plant maintenance software helps water quality and wastewater treatment professionals meet regulatory standards across all stages of treatment–from pre-treatment to final digestion and finishing– for your grounds, facilities, and equipment.

Textile maintenance

Fiix is the tool you need to run a professional maintenance environment in textile manufacturing. Our easy-to-use CMMS will help you streamline your maintenance strategy, to get ahead of your work orders and move towards a preventive maintenance approach.

Public works and utilities maintenance

It doesn’t matter if you’re running the maintenance department for a small town or a big city, our CMMS will make your maintenance faster, easier, and more efficient. For maintenance managers, supervisors, and equipment technicians, our easy-to-use software gives you powerful tools to streamline your operations.

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